Life is a journey.

And for one whose passion is writing, writing is also a journey.

Originally this blog was to be the chronicling of my trials and triumphs, my learning and growing through the challenges and celebrations of writing my novel. However, as with life, this blog rarely followed according to plan. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed every contribution herein.

Still on the agenda is the penning of the novel – or novels, if I ever manage to get organized enough – and I hope to share not only the process of its birthing, but also excerpts from time to time. I believe that feedback is essential, and since the stories are written for the audience’s enjoyment, why not involve the audience – hopefully having them begging for more!

Aside of that, however, I am throwing together other playful writing exhibitions, purely for the sake of writing. There will be the “This is Life” Blog posts – which have become the bulk of this blog thus far – as well as two new features: “100-Word Challenge” and “30-Word Thursday”. Again, these are for whimsy – just so that I am challenging myself to write – because as the old adage goes, “a writer writes”!

I invite you to join me as I embark on this expedition, which I hope will be undeniably overrun with strange and wonderful characters inhabiting magnificent and clandestine venues, all awaiting an opportunity to peer from the deep recesses of the imagination and stand atop the bright white of the freshly written page.

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