Drink Up (30-word Thursday challenge)


I draw from the river flask an icy swill to shore up my ancient veins, for soon the raptor will swoop down with his mighty talons and grasp my barren crown.


photo: along the banks of the Sauk River (Darrington, WA, Feb 2016)


“Hey, Babe!” (30-word Thursday challenge)

I simply love quaint old towns! A gift shop downtown in the city where I live (although my residence is on the outskirts of town) – gearing up for the Holiday season. Somewhere in Snohomish County, WA (2016)

DSC02770 (3).JPG


Entranced by her gorgeous silhouette, I call to her, but she refuses me. Her board friend stands indifferent while she gives me the iron-cold shoulder. My robust heart splinters.


Buoy-ful Meal Presentation (30-word Thursday Challenge)

This photo was taken in Favorite Channel near Juneau, Alaska, while on a whale-watching expedition (2015). The island in the background  – Shelter Island – is locally known for having a significant number of bear per square mile.

. . . .


Set adrift with no hope; for the water is teeming with leviathan, nudging their calves through the art of the hunt and thick, grizzled bruins gnash their teeth just beyond the timberline.

. . . .