How is starting a small business a way to simplify? I’m not exactly sure! However, I’ve done exactly that!

This is my first attempt at online sales, and I’m just quickly sending out a blog post to direct some traffic…

Right now, there are two  three basic products – with hopes for more as I commandeer time to create. Both All are 11oz ceramic mugs, with simple yet fun thoughts inscribed. (note: they are microwave and dishwasher safe!)

I hope you enjoy these enough to consider purchasing them for yourself, your friends, your family, your co-workers – whomever you think may get a kick out of owning something unique!



Simplify Coffee Mug

Be a Flamingo Coffee Mug

Crazy is Relative Coffee Mug

ALittleSmudged Storefront


6 thoughts on “Simplify

    • smudge says:

      Thanks! I actually drew the “Simplify” scribble myself! 😆
      I can renew the campaign; they’re also available thru Amazon. Are you interested??
      I have to decide whether to continue the campaigns or shut them down – so far, there’s been no interest/ no purchases, so I have to weigh the cost of the campaigns vs potential sales (or lack thereof)…

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