30 Word Thursdays

This picture was taken just this past summer, while enjoying a day in the famous Butchart Gardens (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). The location of the bench and tree were just above the Sunken Garden, and offered a respite for those who traversed up from the lower terrain of the gardens.


. . .

I bid you, come sit a spell with me; I am old and lonely, and the youthful breeze, enthralled in its own whimsy, simply dances through the leaves, never abiding long.

. . .


4 thoughts on “30 Word Thursdays

    • smudge says:

      ah, youth – in such a hurry to grow up! missing out on the opportunity to learn from those that have been through it before them! where experience is definitely important, gaining wisdom is priceless!
      thank you for the compliment on the photo – it is one of my favorites from that trip.


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