100 Word Challenge

Okay, so this is new for me… I caught sight of this on a few other blogs and thought it worthwhile! Basically, anything to get writing again! (I just hope I do all the linking/pinging correctly!)

@bikurgurl hosts a weekly “100 Word Challenge”, where participants are given an image (above, photo credit: saksham gangwar, unsplash) and challenged to write +/-100 words, using the image as inspiration. Hopefully, this link has been added appropriately, pinging back to @bikurgurl blog page!

…and on with the show…


It saddened me so to witness such separation. The impending expiration of the day’s warm sunshine only added to the dismal circumstance. In unison, as if invisibly bound and guided by one life-force, the gaggle of seabirds took to the sky. A chorus of movement in perfect harmony with the melody of the ocean’s rhythmic waves, the flock flittered to and fro, as if coaxing the silent notes from their rest in the wet sand. Alas, the two remained. In a final effort to persuade complete union, I allowed my own two feet to take to flight. Fly; be free.  


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