eARTh (100-word Wednesday challenge)

100 Word Wednesday:  Week 10, as hosted by the lovely and talented @bikurgurl (image credit: bikurgurl)



Stage left. Stage right. Center stage. Back stage. Briefly separated for the express purpose of synchronization and harmony in the final stages. Lines. Lines of dialogue. Suspension lines. Each line and bar of music, and lines upon lines of lyrics to memorize. Scattered pieces, misfitting components, a menagerie of personalities and talents, a motley crew of strengths, experiences, and expertise, all drawn together by the love of art and the desire to share it with a willing and receptive audience. Regardless the medium, ART is at the center of our eARTh; be sure to take it in and appreciate it!

Sappy (100-Word challenge)

It’s Wednesday! Today is Week 9 of the 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge, sponsored by @bikurgurl – image credit: Toa Heftiba



She wasn’t concerned about the sticky sap from the pine boughs tacking to her new Christmas scarf and tassel-topped beanie; she was more preoccupied with the three suspicious characters lurking around the parking lot, draped in dark, hooded sweatshirts and heavy boots, their hands bundled in plush winter gloves. The chill of winter nipped at her bare fingers, begging that she find shelter beyond the cover of the thick forest greens; however, she dared not risk leaving any foot prints in the fresh snow. She did not exhale, for her breath, dancing with Jack Frost, would give away her position.


Cinder Soot (100-Word Challenge)

This week’s 100-Word Wednesday (Week #7) (hosted by @Bikurgurl ):


Image credit: Olivier Guillard


During the drive up the tree-lined forest road, winding along the southern tip of the serene lake, my mind wandered, wondering what might be left of the small cabin that saw the sun rise and set on countless unscripted days of my youth. The path was no longer well-worn but the trees whispered my name. Upon seeing the shack, memories flooded back, thick with the stench of wet moss and pine boughs. The tilted front deck sighed under each step, the torn screen door dangled from its hinges, and inside, the fireplace still cradled pounds of ash and expired timber.


Night and Day (100 word challenge)

As has become the Wednesday tradition, I am participating in @Bikurgurl‘s 100-word challenge (Week 6). Thank you for stopping by! (image credit: Bikurgurl 2016 )



Opposite sides of the same coin – created equal, yet so vastly different! Insomuch as the night without the morning’s sunrise would be incomplete, the day without the rejuvenation of the night would be unbearable. Sweet and bittersweet in a lover’s dance, separated by circumstance, with the fire of temptation still burning between them. Walls built up of bygone encounters – emotions that once fed the soul are now boxed up and spirits that quenched the thirst for adventure, seemingly held captive in fragile glass bottles, as if the past could so easily be discarded. They say dark cannot exist without light…


Midnight Rendezvous (100-Word Challenge)

@bikurgurl‘s weekly “100 Word Challenge” – Week 4 – with the accompanying image (photo credit: Andreas P., Unsplash) as inspiration (pinging back to @bikurgurl blog page)!

…and on we go!


xn_crzwxgdm-andreas-pGirl, did you get a glimpse of Naomi? Word throughout the glen is that she was seen crossing the meadow just before sunrise, her lips stained deep, her breath heavy and hot, mixing with the crisp morning air – she looked like a derailed iron horse, heading straight for the water! By the time I made it through the trees and down the hill to see her emerge from the brook, all evidence of her midnight escapades were dripping from her coat in tiny, silent droplets. That doe can’t seem to keep herself away from those wild blackberries, thorns or not!


100 Word Challenge

Okay, so this is new for me… I caught sight of this on a few other blogs and thought it worthwhile! Basically, anything to get writing again! (I just hope I do all the linking/pinging correctly!)

@bikurgurl hosts a weekly “100 Word Challenge”, where participants are given an image (above, photo credit: saksham gangwar, unsplash) and challenged to write +/-100 words, using the image as inspiration. Hopefully, this link has been added appropriately, pinging back to @bikurgurl blog page!

…and on with the show…


It saddened me so to witness such separation. The impending expiration of the day’s warm sunshine only added to the dismal circumstance. In unison, as if invisibly bound and guided by one life-force, the gaggle of seabirds took to the sky. A chorus of movement in perfect harmony with the melody of the ocean’s rhythmic waves, the flock flittered to and fro, as if coaxing the silent notes from their rest in the wet sand. Alas, the two remained. In a final effort to persuade complete union, I allowed my own two feet to take to flight. Fly; be free.