Midnight Rendezvous (100-Word Challenge)

@bikurgurl‘s weekly “100 Word Challenge” – Week 4 – with the accompanying image (photo credit: Andreas P., Unsplash) as inspiration (pinging back to @bikurgurl blog page)!

…and on we go!


xn_crzwxgdm-andreas-pGirl, did you get a glimpse of Naomi? Word throughout the glen is that she was seen crossing the meadow just before sunrise, her lips stained deep, her breath heavy and hot, mixing with the crisp morning air – she looked like a derailed iron horse, heading straight for the water! By the time I made it through the trees and down the hill to see her emerge from the brook, all evidence of her midnight escapades were dripping from her coat in tiny, silent droplets. That doe can’t seem to keep herself away from those wild blackberries, thorns or not!



16 thoughts on “Midnight Rendezvous (100-Word Challenge)

  1. bikurgurl says:

    I would totally be the blackberried deer 😉 The conversation between the deer is a great perspective — I love how you incorporated this in to a light-hearted conversation. Thank you for joining us this week 🙂

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